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RD's Calzone


Filled with mozzarella cheese and your choice of 2 toppings.

Calzone Toppings:Anchovies Artichoke Hearts Bacon Basil Bell Peppers Black Olives Brocooli Canadian Bacon Cashews Chicken Extra Cheese Feta Cheese Fresh Garlic Fresh Mushroom Jalapeno Meatball Onion Pepperoni Pineapple Red Onion Ricotta Cheese Salami Sausage Seasoned Beef Spinach Tomato
Additional Pizza Sandwich Toppings:Anchovies +$1.45Artichoke Hearts +$1.45Bacon +$1.45Basil +$1.45Bell Peppers +$1.45Black Olives +$1.45Brocooli +$1.45Canadian Bacon +$1.45Cashews +$1.45Chicken +$1.45Extra Cheese +$1.45Feta Cheese +$1.45Fresh Garlic +$1.45Fresh Mushroom +$1.45Jalapeno +$1.45Meatball +$1.45Onion +$1.45Pepperoni +$1.45Pineapple +$1.45Red Onion +$1.45Ricotta Cheese +$1.45Salami +$1.45Sausage +$1.45Seasoned Beef +$1.45Spinach +$1.45Tomato +$1.45


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