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Gnocchi Dinner


Add to Pasta:Baked with Cheese +$3.50Fresh Chicken +$4.50Add Meatball +$2.75Mixed Vegetables +$4.50Add Sausage Link +$2.75Sliced Mushrooms +$3Broccoli +$3
Soup/Salad Choice:House Salad Antipasto +$3.50Spicy Chicken Minestrone
Salad Dressing Choice:Italian Ranch Blue Cheese Thousand No Dressing
Bread Choice:2pc Garlic Bread 2pc Garlic Cheese Bread +$1.50Italian Roll No Bread
No Charge Sauce:Marinara Meat Sauce Alfredo Pesto Creamy Marinara Tomato Basil Creamy Pesto OPG Butter Parm